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It’s FUNdamental: Reading While Black Book Club

IMAGINE being in a highly intellectual and congenial space where everyone gathering participates in discussions about books that are centered around a rich, beautiful, and American culture that is Blackness. IMAGINE being safe, warm, and nurturing while exploring and expanding your mental capacity through the gift of books written by Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). IMAGINE there being

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help! I have two clubs! now what?

I have one “baby boy” at home, who is now 13 years old middle schooler and baseball fanatic. I have two other “babies” in the Club. Want to meet them? I know, I know but, my blog, my clubs, soooo… πŸ˜‰ I didn’t know why at the time but one of the things I did

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Did you know that all your favourite authors, teachers, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders are on clubhouse? Clubhouse is helping me grow at an exponential rate! I already eat, sleep and breathe personal development. Since being on the app I have learned more in one month, than in the last year. I first heard about

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