It’s FUNdamental: Reading While Black Book Club

IMAGINE being in a highly intellectual and congenial space where everyone gathering participates in discussions about books that are centered around a rich, beautiful, and American culture that is Blackness. IMAGINE being safe, warm, and nurturing while exploring and expanding your mental capacity through the gift of books written by Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). IMAGINE there being

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Did you know that all your favourite authors, teachers, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders are on clubhouse? Clubhouse is helping me grow at an exponential rate! I already eat, sleep and breathe personal development. Since being on the app I have learned more in one month, than in the last year. I first heard about

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Linguaphile Link Up (LLU)

Are you looking for some ways in which to improve your proficiency in languages? How about learning entirely new languages? That can be a challenge, and it is certainly not one for the faint of heart or the impatient. Well, now you have the opportunity to learn just about any language that you want right

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Podcast opportunities and Rooms on Clubhouse!

Hello there, TOWN-HALL ROOM every Sunday! This is where you want to be every Sunday you get an update about the ClubHouse app. The founders join and talk about what is new and answer questions that have been submitted. An amazing option to be able to record a podcast and learn how to do that.

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Welcome to the Poetry Palace

My niche on Clubhouse is poetry. It is something that I love and cling to when I need a place of solace and refuge. In the spirit of building community, poetry has has been a significant connector in many of the spaces that I am choosing to go to from my hallway. For this blog

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The Night LIfe is the Right Life!

Saturday night is all about the “night life” right? And it’s been that way from the time of the Jukebox and WWII on up to a live concert or cute pub where people gathered to enjoy the DJ and decent food. Well thanks to clubhouse, Saturday nights are still this and more.

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Finding Faith on Clubhouse🙌🏽

If you don’t believe me when I say that you can find and explore almost anything on Clubhouse, then you aren’t paying close enough attention. “Those who know grace, show grace” Caroline Adegun, Founder, ButGod Community Club I’ve had the most incredible experience the last few weeks, finding rooms and clubs that align with my


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