help! I have two clubs! now what?

I have one “baby boy” at home, who is now 13 years old middle schooler and baseball fanatic. I have two other “babies” in the Club. Want to meet them? I know, I know but, my blog, my clubs, soooo… πŸ˜‰

I didn’t know why at the time but one of the things I did within a few weeks of joining Clubhouse was apply for my own club. And I’m so glad I did!

But I’m scared and nervous and not sure if I am supposed to do this, because now that I have my my own clubs, now what?

I’m excited that there are so many clubs to join and explore. I’m not intimidated at all by the shear numbers. Even before we could start our own club, I joined almost eighty clubs. I haven’t counted lately and to be honest it doesn’t matter, not one bit.

Clubs are there to be explored and reveled in! So many conversations, so little time. It will take months if not years to really get to them all.

Erna Josiah-Davis @ernajdnp

Many of them are still dormant. No rooms, no members. I feel kind of sad for them but I also understand. I haven’t been able to host nearly as many rooms in my own clubs as I thought I would when I started them. So I’m giving myself and everyone else some grace to find their place and rhythm. It will look different for everyone. I have to be patient.

While I’m here, may I share a little about my own clubs? Shameless plug, I know, I know! Remember, my blog, my clubs, so … 😁😁😁😘

The first club I started, Food for Body & Soul, is my baby, my brand mascot so to speak. I have a Facebook group with the same name. That group is different and has a different vibe and mission but is still where I like to hang out a lot running monthly mini challenges for over 500 members to jump start their health journey and share their experiences. It’s mostly women and that’s intentional.

My Clubhouse Food For Body & Soul, is a new corner of the social media universe and I’m still navigating my thoughts and goals for that space. The rooms I host are focused and exemplify wellness in many of it’s manifestations. We are such complex and fascinating creatures made by our Creator to bless and serve others. It is our duty to nurture our entire beings in order to do that and do it well.

This last week has been all about morning routines. Do you have one? Please consider this your formal invitation to come to one of my morning routine rooms and share. Would love to have you!

Then I recently started my second club and have yet to host a room there. Healthy Habit Hub is going to be fun. Less esoteric than my first club and more nuts and bolts. Get in, find your most important healthy habit and get out. I’m thinking the rooms may be really short and hyper-focused on a specific area of health and wellness.

My theory is, and this is based on lots of expert science and advise, habits can be made and broken if you know how. Why not use that knowledge to your advantage to get healthier and change your life for the better?

Our lives are made up of hundreds, if not thousands of habits. I consider it a challenge to create them and see how far they can take me.

While I’m ruminating about clubs, I love to collaborate with other clubs! It is by far one of my favorite things to do when I moderate a room. There are so many people who can bring their expertise, perspective and voice to any conversation.

I’m determined to keep my clubs and rooms open to others as much as possible. That is what Clubhouse is about for me.

See you in the Club!

Your Health To Life Coach

For your body, for your mind, for your soul.

Erna Josiah-Davis @ernajdnp

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