Did you know that all your favourite authors, teachers, motivational speakers and spiritual leaders are on clubhouse?

Clubhouse is helping me grow at an exponential rate! I already eat, sleep and breathe personal development. Since being on the app I have learned more in one month, than in the last year.

I first heard about Clubhouse from people in a holistic entrepreneur’s group on Facebook. People were practically begging for invitations. When I researched the app, I assumed it would be mostly celebrities and people from silicon valley.

A few weeks later I woke up with a text notification that I had manifested an invite into the club out of no where. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but with all the hype I dove into the app immediately to see what all the fuss was about.

Twenty four hours later I was raving to all of my friends that they needed to get on this app! I was hooked! The spiritual, wellness and personal development communities were all there and still growing!

The Wellness Industry Leaders On Clubhouse

That’s right! The big names include Deepak Chopra, John Assaraf, Jim Kwik, Les Brown, John Grey and Tim Ferriss to name a few. You will find rooms discussing everything from wellness and holistic health to mindset and metaphysics.

I was in a room last month called ‘Let’s Learn! Share Your Wellness Practices! (no pitches).’ I’m currently living in Europe, so it got late and although I hadn’t had my chance to share my wellness practice with the room yet, I chose to sign off and go to bed. (This discipline was acquired, I didn’t have any discipline when I first got on the app.)

In the morning (10 hours later), I took a look at the app and the room was still going! This isn’t uncommon on Clubhouse, people run rooms that go on for days sometimes. None the less, I noticed there was a recognizable name on the list of speakers now… John Assaraf!

If you’re not sure who he is, remember the movie The Secret? He was one of the experts featured in the movie and has many books, courses and training on mastering your mindset.

On Clubhouse if you leave a room and come back, it remembers your place. So when I rejoined the room it placed me one square away from John, who was now a speaker.

What a cool way to start my morning! He was on Pacific time, so I only caught 30 minutes with him, but where else could I listen to him live as I brush my teeth in the morning?

He was humble, kind and very giving with information, his time and answering questions. It was also interesting to learn the he really practices what he preaches.

He shared many of his wellness practices with us, which was fun to hear about in this casual setting. One being that his evening routine was just as important as his morning routine. He called it the ‘sandwich.’

He even made a comment about having the discipline not to eat before bed, which was challenging since he has an early dinner. His solution when he gets hungry is something light, like coconut yogurt.

The Wellness Community On Clubhouse

Aside from the big names, which are growing everyday, you will find a large community of people with a passion for sharing their expertise with others.

I’ve met people who are fitness trainers, nutritionist, yogis, motivational speakers, authors, meditation teachers, functional medicine practitioners and herbalists.

There are people who have been in their field for decades, people that have been doing it for a few years and people just starting out and looking to learn. The best part is that it truly feels like a community that is looking to share, grow and uplift each other.

I’ve made new friends and connections with people I never would have had a chance to meet. It seems like there are people in the wellness community from every continent and now in many languages as well.

How To Connect With People From The Wellness Community on Clubhouse:

  1. Follow people who have similar interest. Often people will put in their bio what they are interested in. If the person shares your interests, they are likely to join rooms that you will also be interested in. When they are in a room, if you are following them, you will be able to see that room in your hallway (home page).
  2. Find clubs that discuss wellness. There are a growing number of clubs now and many on specific areas of wellness. When you follow the club, you will get notifications when they host a room. You will also see the clubs a person has joined at the bottom of their bio, if you find that person interesting you might also like the same clubs.
  3. Explore the public rooms. Especially when you first join the app and you aren’t following many people, this will be the fastest way to start finding interesting wellness conversations. Go to the calendar icon, select ‘Upcoming For You’ and start scrolling!

If you are just joining the app, the wellness community is usually very welcoming. It’s the best place to test the waters when speaking for the first time. Try one of the smaller rooms where there are only a few people to get your feet wet.

Does public speaking make you nervous? Don’t worry there are rooms on Clubhouse for that!

The Wellness Conversations On Clubhouse

At this point I’ve been on Clubhouse for two months. The club is growing exponentially even with the limited access. The amount of rooms scheduled are increasing daily.

There are a plethora of rooms happening daily talking about mindset, gratitude, mental health, veganism, trauma, wellness habits, affirmations, inspirational stories, support, success coaching, meditation, daily intentions and accountability just to name a few.

If you need a reminder to be positive, no matter the time of day, there is a conversation you can join or listen to that will inspire you.

If you need some advice about relationships, career, nutrition or anything else you can think of, there is a coach, expert or community hosting a conversation on the topic daily.

If you want to reach out and have a casual conversation with like minded people, there are rooms being hosted everyday with people who are just like you waiting for you to join them.

I was grateful to find a room for morning routines in my time zone!

I wanted the accountability of a group to keep me on track for my morning routine. During the pandemic I had become inconsistent with my meditation and gratitude exercises.

This group practices the routine from the book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod (who is also on Clubhouse).

We do meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and writing. Each activity lasts for 7 minutes. We start the day with an intention and then we are done in an hour.

It was exactly what I needed to get back into my routine and now I’ve met some lovely people from all over Europe.

If you’re in Europe join us at 7am GMT Monday to Friday.

The more often you revisit a room, the faster and deeper you will start to build connections with people. I encourage you to both explore and become a regular.

But wait….there’s more!

The Metaphysical Community On Clubhouse

I haven’t even told you about the metaphysical community yet! You will find plenty of rooms on astrology, human design, intuitive readings, metaphysical healing, shamanism, tarot readings, manifesting and more.

My first room hosted with friends.
How many healers can you see?
Powerful astrology conversation.

Real energetics at work!
Full of inspiring stories.
There’s always room to grow.

I have had many insightful intuitive readings, energy work done, learned more about astrology, discovered Human Design all from exploring various rooms on Clubhouse.

I just launched two clubs on Clubhouse. The first is called Energetic Wellness where I will be teaching about energy clearing and showcases various energy clearing modalities and practitioners. The second is The Conscious Collective for holistic entrepreneurs to reach their professional goals using spiritual and metaphysical practices.

This is an exciting new space for people from the Wellness communities internationally to connect and uplift each other. The best is yet to come!

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