Freelance Fanatics – Quit your 9 to 5

It’s 2021, and with the chaos of last year it’s no surprise the “work from home” mantra has kind of….you know…..taken over !

I was fortunate enough to run into a Fiverr millionaire FREELANCER, and let me tell you – her community is BOOMING with information and mutual collaboration. I just had to bring her efforts here to you because now is the time to move from the 9-5 if it’s not what you want. This is the opportunity to connect with a massive group of freelance professionals waiting to help you start your journey.

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Alexandra Fasulo “The Queen of Fiverr” is on Clubhouse hosting multiple rooms a week on Freelancing and working from home, and even holding spaces about the difficulty of dating as an entrepreneur.

She has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and many other publications for her efforts in the “remote work” industry, and launched a course sharing exactly how she created financial freedom through freelancing.

She boasts a large community of freelancing professionals in every stage on Facebook with more than 3,000 members – and has a TON of information to give away on her social media.

So why am I excited about this?

BECAUSE freelancing is the movement that’s trending, and it isn’t going anywhere!

According to a survey published by LinkedIn,

“a majority of American professionals will work remote part-time or full-time by 2027.

70% of small businesses have hired freelance professionals in the past, and 81% plan to do so again in the future.”

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This means BIG bucks and buckets of opportunity for ANYONE who can sell a service from home.

LinkedIn recently announced they will move toward a marketplace feature as well, catering to the “remote work” needs, and platforms like Freelance US and Contra are going to give the larger international platforms a run for their money!

Follow Alex, and her rooms for more on the freelance world – and join her thriving communities to snatch a bit of financial freedom for yourself – you’ll be glad you did!

Now here’s some gems from the “Dating as an Entrepreneur” room she hosted days ago:

  • If you aren’t in a relationship yet, make sure you communicate your needs for flexibility from the get go. Freelancing is tough work, with crazy hours and deadlines, but it is worth it!
  • If you are dating or married, and begin your freelance journey while in an established relationship, COMMUNICATE how things may change in your pursuit of a freelance career. This can include moments of doubt, and insecurity as you navigate the world of negotiations and advocacy for your services. You’ll probably want support from your significant other, and support is super important!

If you reach out to Alex from here, let her know we sent you! πŸ™‚

You can follow me on Instagram here! or visit my website at to see what I’m up to!

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