Podcast opportunities and Rooms on Clubhouse!

Hello there,

Photo by Jean Balzan on Pexels.com

TOWN-HALL ROOM every Sunday! This is where you want to be every Sunday you get an update about the ClubHouse app. The founders join and talk about what is new and answer questions that have been submitted. An amazing option to be able to record a podcast and learn how to do that. I have had heard that question in many rooms on CH. I would recommend going straight to the source and get your questions answered.

Collaboration on CH!


I found it refreshing to listen to different languages. I have stumbled upon the French rooms in ClubHouse. It is amazing to have people from different origins and places speaking French. If you love to listen in French

If you are looking for different language rooms, it is probably possible to find your perfect room on clubhouse. Whether you want to get better in your French-speaking or simply chill with friends and exchange ideas.

Podcast opportunities

I met my last podcast guest Brian Rollo @Brian_rollo_ on CH. You can listen to it below and if you like it you can listen to more on Apple podcast or Spotify The name is Ndeye Labadens. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Don’t forget to subscribe to support my work.

Podcast by Ndeye Labadens @labadensndeye.

Interested to be featured on my shows and podcast: send me a DM on Instagram @labadensndeye.

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