The Night LIfe is the Right Life!

            In the old world (prior to the pandemic), Saturday nights were seemingly made for the night life. In fact, the urban dictionary says “Saturday night is the most important invention in human history. Saturday night is the reason most conflicts have been resolved and is responsible for some of mankind’s most excellent discoveries”. Saturday night is all about the “night life” right? And it’s been that way from the time of the Jukebox and WWII on up to a live concert or cute pub where people gathered to enjoy the DJ and decent food.

Well thanks to clubhouse, Saturday nights are still this and more. Imagine a world where you don’t have to pick what you were going to do because you can go to multiple events all from the comfort of your hallway. And you don’t have to change out of your PJ’s to enjoy the “Night life”. Don’t believe me? Here’s a quick look into my diverse hallway.

I happened to open my app and check the hallway and BOOM, one of my favorite late-night rooms was happening inside of The Chill Mode Project Club. The room is just that, The Chill Mode where they talk about everything and nothing. It felt good to be able to catch up with some of my CMP fam (Shout out to Eso, Kristin, John, Dr, Alexis and fellow CH blogger, Tavares) along with some of the late-night regulars. It felt like a relaxing night out with close friends, simply enjoying the night air while people watching. 

Then I ventured over to The Basement Club and enjoy some underground hip hop with club creator Sasso and some amazing moderators who take turn playing some of their faves that fit the theme of the night. And listen the transition from one mod to the next is so smooth that IF you don’t look up to see which profile has the gray circle, you won’t know it’s someone new spinning the track. I was low key sleepy but the vibe of the room, woke me up to the point I started typing lol thanks Erik! I’m always guaranteed to be introduced to some amazing artistry I was familiar with before entering The Basement that gets added to various playlists. 

While vibing to the music, I look back at my hallway and see the “night life” on clubhouse legit has something for everybody based upon your niche, preference or even momentary need. 24/7 High Performance Success Coaching is happening with Brad Hager and as 645 people in the room. The Meez-O Estates Club has the “who’s up and wanna talk about cool stuff” room and with 483 people in there, they clearly have something to talk about. There’s the “a few scientists chatting” room with 264 people and The Chvrch Club has the “late night jams” room rolling with 437 people. The Preservation of The Human Race Club currently has a room with 118 people discussing “extraterrestrials communicate” and the 9am in London Club is rolling the “no agenda, only vibes” room with 354 people. Oh yeah… did I mention the current time is 3:30 am central? LOL 

You read that correctly! At 3:30 am central time, it’s 2.1k individuals in the “this that splaaaaaah” room. Sasso has had my attention though while I type because the music is chill and making for a great backdrop for me. And then just as I finished typing and checking the necessary edits, I see a social only “let’s have fun” room with some of my clubhouse sisterhood J. Charity, Juli, Nicole, Kristin and Angela and my brother from another mother Christopher. No matter what time of day or night, these individuals always have amazing conversation. Just during the night life, it feels like a group call where we can simply unwind from the hustle and bustle of the day. 

In typical Saturday night form, I’m just winding down but I didn’t have to pick one event over the other. I was able to venture to all these places; around the world even and enjoy the Saturday night life from the comfort of my bed. 

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