10,000Cards.com Room on ClubHouse

Hello Clubhousers,

I am glad I had a month old and been roaming around Clubhouse since January 15th. I want today to share this new I was recommended by Robert Butwin @solutionist. Robert referred me to 10Kcards. I went to the next available room and attended. Sean Lashley @10kcards room was very interesting and instructive. I personally like the opportunity of having all my social media and contact details available on a single page. It looks very professional.

I met Sean through his room and also his Instagram. I would recommend to pay a visit to this clubhouse room and learn tips and tricks. I was glad to have Sean answer few questions for the purpose of this blog post.

Q: Why did you create your room? How happy are you with today’s popularity?

I’ve created a room called THIS IS WHY BILLIONAIRES & MILLIONAIRES use 10KCARDS πŸŽ™ because my intent is to attract them and those aspiring to become. It’s been going great and allowed us the opportunity to meet & partner up with amazing people with similar values πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Q: What’s your best advice do you have for newcomers?

For new comers, they may want to visit a few room to get a good feel of what’s out there then they can start their own room and to expand on topics that they or associates can dominate

Thank you Sean Lasheyfor your time answering my question.

I will advice to try the 10000cards and see if it is made for you? If you wandering have a look at mine and let me know what do you think about https://10000cards.com/card/ndeye-labadens-dba and DM me. I enjoy this link because it is a business card and allows to contact me on any of my social media that works the best for you.

Ndeye Labadens @labadensndeye

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