There’s no such thing as a clubhouse expert (Audio available)

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I am so excited to bring this encouragement to you today! Let me just say – this post is REALLY geared toward the community of users that have felt discouraged or “left behind” as Clubhouse continues to grow. I have good news, for you!

If you spend a considerable amount of time on the app, engaging with heavy-hitters in the community (a.k.a the ones with massive followings) you’ll like see the term “Clubhouse Queen / King” or even “Clubhouse Expert”.

I have seen this numerous times as I sift through rooms and engage with different topics on the app, and I have been in various smaller rooms where I had the unique opportunity to hear exactly how it impacts those who already struggle with confidence on the app. So let me encourage you, and empower you valuable people!

  • There is NO such thing as a Clubhouse Expert

Let me tell you exactly why, with a tid-bit of critical thinking. The Clubhouse app launched in March 2020. That means at the time of this blog post, the app has not even been ALIVE for 12 months. It has not even been in use, for ONE YEAR. I don’t care how technically savvy a human being can possibly be, I don’t know a single person that can accurately self proclaim “expert” status after less than one year of experience. Which brings me to my next point……

The app is still in BETA TESTING. A few things on this point. I have been to all of the Townhall meetings since arriving to the community, and the only consistent theme with the developing team is that “we are growing” and the app is constantly “changing” as new members and features are added to the mix. This means, the developing team doesn’t even have a clear picture on what the future of Clubhouse will look like. The app is not currently open to the public which means it has HUGE potential to shift as they look to add monetization features and more communities.

The app is INTERNATIONAL. Unless you speak every language, in every country around the world – it is virtually impossible to hack into every corner of this space. This means YOU, the readers of this post, or those feeling discouraged should know – THERE IS A SPACE FOR YOU.


Now, I am not saying they don’t provide value. I have been in several rooms with heavy-hitters in the community and they absolutely do give value. They give time.

BUT HEY THERE……..SO DO YOU!!!!! Who would these “experts” talk to if it weren’t for the audiences and communities that listen? Now that I have your attention on that aspect, let me share tips with you on how they have been able to gain a massive following in a short amount of time.

  • They had early access. EARLY ACCESS means they were able to capitalize by establishing clubs, and growing rooms, long before they had any competition. This is why you see women clubs with 100k followers, Cryptocurrency clubs, Political Clubs, and Spiritual Clubs with POPPING audiences. It’s not necessarily that they are influencers, because when you first have access to the app, it’s likely you searched for clubs with GENERIC names that fit your interests. Words like “women”, “cryptocurrency”, “politics” , “Spiritual” , β€œsports”, etc. will populate in a club search. This also means, if a club name has already been taken, or does not have a generic name – it will be more difficult for users to find and follow.
  • They have real-life connections. The heavy-hitter millionaires likely have mutual connections in the real world. This allows them to quickly partner up on the clubhouse app, plan rooms together, and throw “welcome parties” which massively boost their following in a short amount of time. I once saw a “millionaire” that had been on the app for TWO HOURS and gained a following of over 2,000 people because his partner hosted a “welcome party”. NOT BECAUSE HE BROUGHT VALUE TO THE COMMUNITY. This isn’t a horrible hack, but you can see how having an inner-circle in real life will translate to help in the Clubhouse community as well.
  • LARGE STAGES. Again, these early adopters of the app, and those will large followings because of real-life connections partner together in daily rooms with a stage of 30+ moderators. This is frowned upon by the developers, as they do not recommend large moderating stages, where integrity can be compromised and trolling happens. Essentially what happens, is 30 people come together with thousands of followers and “ping” others into the room – in which they gain followers by sitting on stage. A moderator will host the room for a few hours, while the other 20 sit there quietly. As they sit on stage, the audience clicks and follows each person through curiosity – not necessarily value. I was guilty of this too, and had to do some serious house-keeping to clean up my hallway. PROTECT your hallway, and don’t forget – The Clubhouse App would not be successful without EVERYONE giving their time and value to the community.
  • Welcome Newbie” rooms. There are clubs like The Community Club that host welcome parties for new clubhouse users on a daily or weekly basis. YES they are valuable, and often good people from what I have seen. However, don’t let the large following discourage you. Because they have tapped into a “need” and offer hours of their time helping new users get acquainted with the app – they also receive a large following as each new user is thankful for the help. Because the new user is not following a ton of people at the time of joining, or hasn’t experienced a busy hallway, they follow the hosts of these welcome rooms. Again, not a bad thing – but understand that this is a large reason they have massive followings. Don’t be discouraged, and as you become familiar with the app you can host your own welcome parties as well!
  • Follow for Follow – “mute your mics” ….you will see a lot of these rooms as the developing team works to remove them. Essentially, you follow everyone in the room, and they follow you – BOOM. Followers. However, there is no way to know if these are decent people, or what your hallway will look like from following them.. so be very careful.
  • FOLLOW TO SPEAK” Be very careful if you find yourself in rooms with moderators boasting LARGE followings, especially if they pressure you to follow them before coming on stage to speak. WHO ARE THEY????? Right? You are empowered to follow who YOU want to follow, and if the room isn’t speaking to you in positive ways – move out. These people will bully the audience and boast their large following – demanding follows from the audience, but they do not follow back. YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE. YOU ARE VALUABLE. Remember this.

Again, I am so glad to finally bring you this article, because it truly has been on my heart and mind lately. As a young professional, with multiple interests, and a lifetime of my experiences – I have had to learn that I am valuable – and I have value to bring to the community. I use my voice. I work on my following organically and slowly, and I make genuine connections. There is not a scarcity mindset that I play into anymore because I realize that in this universe there is only one of me.

There is only one of you,

WE ARE SCARCE, each and every one of us. Together we make an impact.

I hope you find these words encouraging. You can find me at or on INSTAGRAM.

xoxo – Ash!

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