Happy Valentine’s Day on ClubHouse!

On Valentine’s day! It’s been a Month on Clubhouse!

Ndeye (@labadensndeye) first month-anniversary on Clubhouse coincides with Valentine’s day.
My best rooms compilation and also my best ways to combine clubhouse with other apps and get the best out of it?
I met wonderful souls! I am not saying the clubhouse is only populated by beautiful souls. I had witness trolls in different rooms as well. I admired the way moderators were tackling the issues. I learned by watching. after 4 weeks of observing and listening I am better prepared to get my club up and running.

Club that I discovered and enjoyed:

Nailing your Clubhouse intro — Turn your story into sales! Everyday at 4pm PST.

By Charles Vest @sdchas1, Chip Hopper @chiphopper, Scott Murphy @scottmurphy and Brooke Heym @brookeheym

Watch my video below to discover my impression.

If you want to create your club on ClubHouse.

You need to set a room 3 times a week. You will need to apply for a club. Due to the long time to get approved. I applied ahead of time. I have been super consistent and put the effort into this project. My best valentine’s gift would be to get my Club. How about you?

Happy Valentine’s day!

Let me know in the comment How do you celebrate?
Ndeye Labadens @labadensndeye

Recorded on https://happs.tv/invite/@NdeyeLabadens

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