How do you Bridge LinkedIn and Clubhouse?

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I have this idea this week and I decided to go through LinkedIn rooms and clubs on Clubhouse. I saw a post on Linkedin about an event that only happens in Clubhouse. It was an invite for only Clubhouse users. It was an incentive that was enough to try to dig and find a way to bridge my LinkedIn and Clubhouse.

I happened to land on 2 rooms: 

Linkedin Power Players (weekly on Friday at 3 pm) 

The Linkedin Club (daily show at 2 pm EST).

From joining these two rooms, I learned a lot and was lucky enough to be on stage and ask questions. I love the fact that Clubhouse is genuine and easy to network in real-time and make new connections. That Clubhouse is a good way to meet my LinkedIn connections. The LinkedIn Club had my LinkedIn engagement increased connection with messages and comments. It was different from receiving requests and no interaction afterward. 

On my day one on LinkedIn Power Players, I meet and connect with Judy Fox @judyfoxrocks. She was awesome and shared a lot of tips about LinkedIn. I am glad to count her now as my new connection and friend.Β 

Day two at The LinkedIn Club was beautiful because I made new friends. I was welcomed by McKenzy Boli @mackenzyboli! So definitely, if you are a LinkedIn user and ClubHouse combine the two and let the magic happen!

Let me know how well you do and please leave a comment or DM me on my social media.

I look forward to seeing you at ClubHouse.

Ndeye Labadens 

Twitter, Instagram, ClubHouse: @labadensndeye

Facebook and Youtube: Ndeye Labadens

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