Space invaders of the elon kind

Imagine 5 minutes before a room is scheduled to start on Clubhouse, its packed to capacity. Then imagine your hallway being filled with overflow rooms that all at capacity as well thus making the app crash for about 2 minutes for some. Well, that’s what happened tonight. And it’s all because of one man. 

Now, I want to paint a brief picture to show you the level of influence this one man has in the world. A man that currently has citizenship in three countries, made ONE tweet that sent the world into a frenzy. One man that in my opinion has solidified Clubhouse place as not just one of the fastest growing social media platforms on the planet but it actually being the social media platform of choice by saying he would be on the app tonight to talk. 

7 hours prior to this stellar event taking place, quite a few rooms were made by everyone one from a car enthusiast to multi-million dollar real estate tycoons to discuss what they thought this one man would get on the app and discuss. It was so thought provoking that I even did an impromptu room to discuss with my audience the power of influence. I’m inclined to believe many droid users at least purchased iPads and an influx of people were sitting waiting for someone to nominate them onto Clubhouse for them to have an opportunity to hear what this one man had to say. 

I mean as I type this, I just scrolled my hallway and saw 10 overflow rooms; one of which I made it in that have all capped at the 5k mark. That’s 50,000 people alone in English speaking rooms listening to this one man speak. And the conversation didn’t start with them dialoguing about bitcoin, cars, nada. They started talking about MARS! You mean I stayed up to listen to this one man talk about Mars? INSANE! This one man said he would like a self-sustainable site on Mars before a possible WWIII. Lots of projects going on to make sustainability happen there. Humans can only get to Mars every 2 years because of the planetary rotation and he does not see a viable Mars site for 5 1/2 years. I know this is boring to the average person but, I’m a nerd. lol

I couldn’t help but chuckle as the conversation shifted from space to education to entrepreneurship and this one man was asked “what encouraging word do you have for someone looking to do a start up? This one man replied, “if you need encouraging words don’t do a startup”. I’m typing and texting with a fellow journalist friend, Robert Hasan James of Root Magazine because he caught the same statement. Hasan and I were literally jumping room to room trying to find the best audio and he found “Elon Musk AudioParty” inside of the Master Bitcoin Today club. 

If you hadn’t figured out and or knew who I’ve been writing about, its Elon Musk. Possibly one of the most brilliant minds this generation has known. His hand is in everything from is family company of Telsa to PayPal to being the CEO and chief designer of SpaceX. Does it make sense the first conversation was about Mars now? I mean it made sense to me but I’m also an avid follower of Elon Musk. Knowing his background also will help the average person understand why Telsa has some of the most advanced AI connected to it. Elon is worth $202 billion dollars and for the first time my heart broke for him when he admitted he doesn’t get to take a vacation. But the flip side of that is what would a vacation look?feel like for someone like him?

I feel like history is being made tonight and I’m contributing my part of it with this fangirl blog article. LOL Make no mistake that Clubhouse is here and its here to stay and this out of this world billionaire just proved it. I know many are probably bored by the conversation from a known introvert who lives all things perfection. But for me, I’m fascinated and provoked to boldly go where no man has gone before. I know… total nerd, Trekkie moment but I waited until the end to do it! And he’s a fan of Cobra Kai! He def is my kind of introvert. LOL

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