“Reverse brainstorming” your way to success

Today I hosted an Opportunity Catcher’s room with a panel of 5, including myself. Typically I host this room via a club to reach larger audiences, so I was thrilled to see that we had a smaller – intimate setting to talk about this concept as a “stand alone” room while I wait for approval of the “Opportunity Catcher’s” Club.

The art of opportunity catching:

The idea behind this concept is is that, in order to CATCH something – you have to strategically put yourself in a position to receive it. This takes both experience, and good estimation skills based off of the information you have in your mind. You see this in sports ALL the time.

Catching is a proactive way to move around in life and business. The idea that “opportunity” will fall into your lap, is laughed at. Even more so, is the belief that when an opportunity falls into your lap, you’ll be fully prepared to utilize it in the best way. It’s just not the best way to achieve success, although it may happen by coincidence – it’s better to have systems in place so that ripples don’t cause your life and business to sink.

THUS, the weekly rooms. I’m bringing unique concepts, panels, and conversation to you around this exact concept. I’m looking for, and finding people, that have proactively sought ways to catch unique opportunities, and use those connections to bring them growth. We want GAME CHANGERS to our right and left. Right?

About today,

POWERFUL room, I call it a “Power Hour” because we literally spend 60 minutes inspiring each other in these topics, so that we can move through the rest of the day with these concepts in mind. Today’s topic: REVERSE BRAINSTORMING.

What IS IT? And how can I make it work for me?

Reverse brainstorming is essentially flipping our natural way of thinking, and practicing this tool to hack our way into success. Let me show you how it works;

  • Instead of brainstorming ideas to “become successful”, you want to think of ways that you will fail. Think of the possibilities that can BRING YOU DOWN if you aren’t prepared…
  • Now, think of possible solutions to those problems.

The idea is that instead of planning for success, and hoping it sticks until you become successful – you want to put systems and solutions in place to solve problems before they become problems.

What does this look like?

My best example is in business. I wanted to hire a part time employee to help me with my business, but I was still working full time for myself. I wanted to scale, and relieve some of my tedious responsibility. So, in order to fund my part-time employee, I got a full-time job. This full-time job was in an industry I am very familiar with, so I knew it would not take a ton of energy for me to complete my responsibilities for the company. THIS IS IMPORTANT. I did not want to take on a full-time job that would leave me burned out and exhausted. I wanted something simple, in hopes that during lunch, or before/after work, I could focus on my brand. Meanwhile, during the day – I have a part-time employee taking care of the basic maintenances for me like email responses, reaching out to new clients, developing a press release for me, etc.

For an example in life, I think about what systems I need to have in place in case I pass away. In case my husband passes away. In case my kids pass away. The more I plan for these types of traumatic incidents to happen, the more prepared I am if it does. Does this mean I wish it will happen? NOT AT ALL. Does it mean I let it consume my thoughts all day long? NOPE.

It means that I have taken a little bit of time out of my day to talk with my husband about his wishes, make a will, or make a folder for myself of my wishes – so that if a traumatic event like death occurs close to home, I am more prepared to handle it. It means spending more time NOW, thinking about the systems and putting them in place, so that if anything happens to me or my family, we can focus on grieving – without worrying about the logistics.

The best part about practicing and using “reverse brainstorming” is that it’s unique to each individual. How a person perceives a problem differs. How a person wants to resolve that problem differs. This is a tool that is completely and uniquely tailored to each individual.

Give it an internet search and see what it would look like for you.

Let me know if you try it, or if you have stories about your reverse brainstorming on INSTAGRAM. πŸ“² Follow me! Let’s connect!


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