It’s the women for me.

The voices of women are in full effect on Clubhouse. 

Who runs the clubhouse? Girls! 

For real though. I’ve never seen such an amazing collection of women with smarts, sass, voice, and the aptitude to use them to contribute to everyone in this space. I’m actually not sure what the numbers are really but it seems to me as if women outnumber the men, but only in the best way possible. I hope I’m not wrong about that.  

One of my favorite clubs by far is Womxn In Business founded by Christina Holder @xtinaholder. This club is now the largest club on Clubhouse surpassing another one of my favs, the OG Club. What WHATTTT!!  Congrats, Sis! 🎉🎉🎉 But I digress. 

I am a member of Womxn In Business and they are constantly spewing out rooms full of rich context and content. My hallway is completely filled with rooms hosted by this club. There is easily a dozen rooms open simultaneously. Any business question or topic is covered on the daily. No kidding. Mindset, tactical strategies, and many “Come to Jesus” moments are appreciated there. We are not there to play games, unless that’s the room objective, of course. 😉

But that’s not the only Club I am enamored with at the moment. My most favorite Club is also founded and run by another powerhouse woman, an articulate and ambitious African-American diva by the name of Caroline Adegun @thehwwingwoman. Her ButGod Community is like no other and not only is it growing by leaps and bounds but Ms. Adegun is spreading a message of inclusivity wherever she goes. Her rooms are as regular as clock work and there’s often laughing, crying, praying, praise worship or all of the above going on. That club just warms my heart and soul and gives me such joy to have conversations with women of faith, women who are not just there to be heard but have heartfelt intent for others.  Yes, there are men in the Club, many of them in fact. But you get my point.

So there you have it, two of my favorite clubs on the entire app, run by women and frequented daily by tens of thousands of other women and men who need this arena to express themselves and come out of the shell that society puts us in almost everywhere we go.

So thank you to the developers and founders of the Clubhouse app for what that’s worth. I hope and pray that women’s voices are allowed to remain crystal clear and audible. Clubhouse is the new membership platform and you know how we ladies like to stick together. 🥳


  1. Absolutely agree!
    The WOMXN in Business female group has awesome, informative, and highly interactive teaching sessions that are appreciated.
    Clubhouse is the BEST thing since the iPhone. Love it.


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