Navigating the app

For all who are new, or expecting to gain access soon…you might refer to this post for insight on terminology used in the community, as well as icon descriptions.

I was fairly confused using the app the first week, despite the amazing welcome communities that walk-through usage of the app. It’s a ton of information to take in, and unless you have a notebook for notes – it can be difficult to remember it all.

Once you get access to the app, you’ll want to do the following to make the most of your valuable time in the community.

STEP ONE: Connect Instagram, Twitter, or both – THEN adjust your settings ⚙️

STEP TWO: Write a jaw-dropping bio. If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at what you plan to use the app for. Depending on the room I am in, I sometimes switch my bio order around to reflect the atmosphere so it makes sense for those who click on my picture. You’ll want to include things like:

  • Your top accomplishments if you will be networking professionally
  • What you do for others
  • Projects you have on-going
  • A little about yourself personally, if you want to relate to the other human beings using the app
  • other ways for people to reach you (email, website, etc.)

⬆️ Use relevant emojis in your bio to compliment the content, and don’t be afraid to change it often as you navigate the app to find what works for you! Your bio is your personality, so let it shine!

For your profile picture, make is stand out. I use bright colors, and currently use a picture with THREE of me edited in, to stand out among the sea of faces. It’s easy to be over-looked in large rooms, so the more interesting your picture is, the more you’ll get clicked on!

STEP THREE: Go ahead and search for key influencers you enjoy on other platforms, and clubs that fit your interest. You’ll find clubs ranging from stocks, science, fitness, comedy, business, poetry lounges, and more! Use Clubhouse as a way to connect with every part of who you are. Be aware that when people begin following you, for now, they may receive notifications when you enter certain rooms.

STEP FOUR: READ THE USER RULES AND GUIDELINES! 📃 this is important, and refresh your memory every so often as you learn the app by reading through it when you have questions.

The Hallway: If you scroll to the left you will see a series of rooms with people actively talking. You can jump in and out of these rooms as you please, just hit the ✌🏽button when you are ready to leave. BE AWARE that your hallway is made up of the people and topics you follow, as well as trending topics (which can be turned off in settings). If you don’t want negativity in your hallway, follow positive influences. Swipe to hide rooms you don’t want to see in your hallway.

🎉 the party hat: This icon shows up on your profile during your first week on Clubhouse, so if you are in rooms with the right people – you are typically welcomed with open mics. (Or open arms). This lets everyone know you might need help navigating the app, or explaining the goal of the conversation. Don’t be shy! Introduce yourself when you can. Being new to the app does NOT reflect your value and what you bring to the community. You are empowered in this community!

✳️ the green bean: This is the “moderator” badge and signifies who is facilitating the room. They have the ability to turn hand raising on and off, removes speakers from the stage or room for violating room rules, and more. If you are in a room with good moderators, it should be welcoming and all-inclusive. BE AWARE of the moderators asking for money or followers if they aren’t providing real value for you. Be careful in rooms that don’t allow you to speak or share insight, or ask questions. Your time is VALUABLE, only visit rooms that help you see that value, or help you accomplish your reason for using Clubhouse. Remember you can always unfollow, or tap the “leave quietly ✌🏽” button and remove yourself from any uncomfortable situation.

✋🏽 the hand: This icon lets the moderators know you want to be on stage to speak. If they accept, or invite you, make sure you mute your microphone immediately! 🎙 once accepted, your icon will be moved to the “speaker” section. They will likely ask everyone to “PTR” or “pull to refresh” so everyone can see the updated stage for who is next to speak. Pay attention where you are in line – you don’t want to be skipped over because you aren’t actively listening to the conversation. It is considered disrespectful to get on the mic and admit “I wasn’t paying attention” because it looks like you are there to take, rather than give value. Be engaged, or be gone.

🏠 The green monopoly house: This signifies a “club” that you can request to join. Read their rules and description to see if you want to join. Most clubs have off-app ways to communicate and organize events.

📨✨invites: This icon shows you how many invites you have available. Be careful, if you send an invite you cannot retract it or get it back in case it is sent to someone who doesn’t accept. I always verify before I send, that the person is someone I trust, and someone who is interested in using the app regularly.

🗓 the calendar: This icon shows you all of your upcoming “saved” events, and events you are hosting. Use this to remind yourself so you don’t miss important conversations, and I also save my events to my Apple calendar. When people you follow, or clubs you joined, schedule rooms – you have the option to save it to your phone’s calendar! The 🗓 with a plus sign is how you are able to schedule your own room. If you want people to join, spend some time networking first and making connections, and then politely ask others to co-host with you. This will notify their followers, and can help you build your audience as well. It’s ALL about mutual respect and providing value to others, while you seek value in return. Give more than you take.

🔔 the bell: This icon shows your most recent notifications which include people you follow, events, and “pings”. A “ping” is when someone you follow invites you to join a room they are in. You are not obligated to accept, unless it’s a conversation you actually want to be a part of. Also, try not to be the person that pings in all of your followers to every room you are in. Chances are, if they are on Clubhouse, they are enjoying other conversations- so be mindful and try to only ping connections into a room if you think it will give them value!

In the bottom right of the app, you’ll see a series of dots in the shape of a square. By clicking this, your connections will show – including who is currently on the app, and those who were on recently. It will also show you the clubs you are a part of. There’s also a LARGE green button that says “Start a Room”. Feel free to check out this feature and get familiar with the moderating buttons before you get a following. When you hit this button it will immediately open up an option for you to add a title to your room, and you can play around with the features before joining one of the welcome groups.

Thank you, all who follow and support this blog. If you find it helpful, or WISH you had this post before joining – please share with friends. 🏠💬 Let’s do this together.

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