Clubhouse town hall recap

Ahoy loves! 

The Navigator here! I decided to dedicate my first blog on something I’ve actually grown to love about clubhouse which is the weekly town hall meeting with the Co-Creators, Paul and Rohan. The thing I love most about the town hall is clubhouse is legit the only social media app around that allows you the user to hear from the actual creators in real time. It also is the only app where we hear the questions and suggestions that come in from users and you can see how the creators take them to heart in their on-going development of the app. I’ve had several people I know join upon finding that out just so they can experience this for themselves. 

Every Tuesday at noon central, I do a room to cover the town hall that quite a few have started attending. They know the nerdy side of me loves this and they get to hear the cliff notes in less time 🤣 And I have some faithful followers who show up every week and I can see how they’ve implemented what was shared. That always makes me smile. 😊 

They started the town hall by mentioning they’ve secured new investments for the app that was led by Andrew Chen at a16z. There are now over 180 investors covering so many areas of expertise and ethnicities that to me shows the long term potential clubhouse can bring to the world of social media. They always highlighted that the app has crossed the 2 million user mark which is huge! But a huge win is how Tiffany Haddish has become the first person to hit a million followers which tops both Paul and Rohan. Guess it pays to be found in the people to follow suggestion. 😉

Here are a few other points Paul and Rohan shared that stuck out to me and why. I believe every type of creator will eventually want to be on the app because this is a social media platform that if navigated wisely, it can help creatives win. Here we go… 

  1. Monetization

Over the next few months, Clubhouse plans work out how creators to get paid directly through features like tickets, subscriptions and tip which this one should be added in the next week or so. This is beneficial for the artists, authors and coaches I work with especially those who have clubs approved. They can do private shows, consultations, etc inside the club for club members only. Or even doing public rooms and allowing the listening audience to tip those on stage performing/talking. They also briefly mentioned allowing special links for events that can be shared for your audience who isn’t on clubhouse yet to be able to attend the one time event. If this is worked right I believe both clubhouse and the creator’s numbers will increase. 

  1. Club Approvals 

They discussed creating a way to have same day approval for clubs. I personal think this is why they want to add to their trust and safety team to have people who are able to vet club request in real time. I think it’s more than just having a club on the app but how often and frequent will your club be used. This is why doing a room consecutively for three weeks is going to be key. 

I so appreciate you taking the time to read my first blog here (YAY) and I look forward to this clubhouse journey together! And be sure to leave a comment below!

Until next time… 

The Navigator, 


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