Bacon and eggs, and heaven.

There’s one room I find myself in consistently, every morning. It begins at 5am and runs until 10am with several Room Moderators. Moderators are the people in authority to direct the flow of the room, add expertise, and address questions.

In this room “Breakfast with Champions” there are several successful business individuals from every background and every walk of life. They often share their stories with us about the heartache they have experienced, and the low times that brought them to their knees.

When some see “millionaire”, there is a misconception that these human beings have it all. That they have never struggled, that they don’t “get it”.

My Clubhouse friends and Site readers, I am here to share with you that they do in-fact get it.

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From suicides, to attempts, to homelessness, to poverty. From racism to disparity, they have seen it and felt it. Do not let the “millionaire” status discourage you from seeing the humanity, because these individuals are not made from the wallet. They are made from life experiences like the rest of the world. They are not far removed, they are accessible.

With that being said, after spending a week in this room with them, I am obligated to share some of the knowledge gems I have heard from all of these incredibly insightful individuals.

  • Give more than you take, period.
    • None of these millionaires were put in place by mere coincidence. They spent tireless hours knocking on every door, aggressively showing up, consistently following through, and forming relationships with other people that would help facilitate the success they all share today. The more energy you pour into a dream, into others, into relationships – the more the energy is returned to you. I will be the first to share, that I have had several conversations in and out with these individuals and they are absolutely accessible, so long as you show up to give and develop genuine relationships.
  • This room is like heaven.
    • This app is highly successful in connecting people from every community. A woman named Joy on Clubhouse this morning put it simply, “This room is what heaven would look like.” Moderators are from every culture, every background, multiple countries and bring very different experiences to the table. Take positive advantage of this by listening and learning from all of them. I have been in business since 2012, served in the U.S. Army and travelled to places far removed from my home. As a child I moved around attending 10 different schools from K-12 before finally graduating into the world. I have gone to college for Business, Communication, and finishing up in IO Psychology, but I enjoy listening to this group so much because it lends me perspective that I do not have the lifetime to experience for myself. Listen, Listen, Listen.
  • Have a vision, see it through.
    • Alisa Jacobs shared insight this morning on the importance of childhood upbringing and community support when dealing with limiting beliefs. She expressed that not only are limiting beliefs debilitating, they are incredibly powerful in whether or not a person is able to believe they “CAN” achieve something great. What really spoke to me, was her shared story about recently being told “no”. She had a vision for her goals, and unfortunately had a difficult time gaining the acknowledgement and validation she believed in so much. Through this experience, she persevered and began to tell the universe through her actions, “Eff the No’s”. She was unmoved, and continued pushing into her dream, leaning into her vision – and by the end of her timeline – they had gained MORE than they hoped for.
    • What’s the message? The fight does not stop once you achieve success. Get in the habit now of learning little by little what it means to push through. If you do not believe that you “CAN” achieve your dreams, start today by changing that. Surround yourself with positive influences, align yourself with others that share your vision, and put yourself in a position to be seen. Be loud, be professionally aggressive in building relationships, be persistent.

Thank you Glenn Lundy for hosting such a powerful room this morning.

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