The Brightest part of 2020…clubhouse

In the sea of mainstream media, bias, side taking, covid-19, unemployment, trolling, social media wars, tik-tok-ing, useless challenges that break your knees, posting for the gram, video-editing for the perfect post, posting a life that isn’t real… a bright and shining app (of all things) breaks through the crowd to allow people to connect in a genuine and authentic way! Now while this is no absolute and there are controversial and ratchet rooms, overall this app and the people on it are for the most part genuine and respectful in sharing information without a cost or sign-up required. Yeah, some come off as the greatest expert but nonetheless still dropping crazy knowledge and gems for LIFE!!! I mean what other social media app does that? Refreshing and rightfully addictive!!! I think I need to create a Clubhouse Rehab Room but until then, I’m cool with it dominating my day because you can’t put a price on growth!!!

BTW, you can find me co-moderating the largest faith based room on Clubhouse, But God, M-F 9-11am EST! Where we minster through fellowship…

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