Why Clubhouse Is for you?

Welcome to ClubHouse!

I remember reading those words when I joined. It was an exceptional moment.

You are probably asking why?

Let’s get back to the beginning a few weeks ago, My cohost Jay tried to invite me to Clubhouse. He was a good seller and I happened to upload the append reserve my handle. Handle means the @ and the name you use as your user name on the platform ClubHouse or CH.

Unfortunately, the invitation did not go through. I removed the CH app and focus on growing my audience on my other favorite app. About 3 days ago, I checked my “undesired text message”, as you know some iPhones put messages in jail…
I realized that I was fast-tracked by Giovanni…
Long story short, in the meantime I did some research and try to find the good, the ugly, and the bad online about the CH. I was asking the question and decided to go for it.
Because you have to know who to follow. The system is different from other social media platforms. If I am careful who I follow I can create the perfect Hallway.

Hallway means the area where you get all different shows. If you pick wisely that impacts your Hallway in CH.
I look forward to letting you know how well things are doing in the next upcoming week.
I was after 3 days part of the Blogger of CH’s official blog. So you will read me on the CH blog. Please share with me your experience and get cited on my blog, Broadcast, and Podcast.
Sharing love!
Ndeye Labadens

CH, IG, Twitter, YT: @labadensndeye

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