YouTube and cdk on the mic

Hello Clubhouse Blogs readers!

Good morning to you, welcome back to our platform where we aim to deliver value to you. Yesterday I had an insightful opportunity to chat with well-known influencers and successful individuals in a Townhall Recap room, that absolutely delivered on value and conversation. Thank you @ Chris Bivins and @ Donnyaz for hosting and actively creating a place for us to come together.

Within this recap room we learned about hot topics from the townhall meeting, which included the developer’s intention to expand by hiring an android development team. The Clubhouse founders and support roles are made up of 9 individuals. With over 1 million active users, I am so proud of the development team for pulling off such a powerful platform for communicating, networking, and bringing value every day!

Other topics discussed were possibilities for new features for the app, and incorporating creative ways to communicate through the app, a tentative timeline for the app to be open to the public, and more.

In this room I met a handful of creatives, and entrepreneurs, and even music artists – that I never would have had the opportunity to collaborate with otherwise. Among the talented, I met CDK (Christian) who is a radio personality, event host, and podcaster! Find him on Instagram HERE.

I really want to bring the value from Clubhouse Users into one space, and I was so thrilled when CDK jumped on an opportunity for us to collaborate on this blog site. If you heard about Clubhouse, and want to know more about the power of networking through this app, please watch a short video made by CDK on “5 Reasons why you need to be on Clubhouse.” Listen to his experience through the app, and share with others!

Thanks Christian!!

Until next time,

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