Clubhouse Townhall updates!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Jan. 17th Edition.

If you’re in the Clubhouse app, you likely know about a few really important rooms and clubs that you return to over and over again. The weekly Town halls with the owners and founders on Sundays at 9am PST are a MUST! At least for me it is.

Have you gone to a one lately? Well, today’s Townhall was as riveting as they usually are. I try really hard to attend because I figure that if I’m planning to use this app and spend a lot of my time there, I want to know not just how to use it maximally but what’s coming on the horizon. After all, we are their beta testers. I take my responsibilities very seriously. πŸ˜‰

If there are any big updates or changes that may affect me and how I interact with the app and other followers from the user perspective, I want to know sooner rather than later. I always, ALWAYS, learn something new.

And then there is the Community Club.

My biggest and favoritest (I know that’s not a word but it fells right😁) club rooms to follow are hosted by The Community Club. The Community Club takes its mission seriously with a whole big portion of kindness and helpful advise. If you’re not already a member, stop what you’re doing and follow ASAP!

The Community Club not only hosts almost daily Welcome and Newbie rooms that I still listen in on, but they always have a post-Townhall wrap-up room where the audience can bring to the stage what they heard, learned and want to talk more about. It’s brilliant and I commend the creators for their kindness and consistency.

So what’s the dealeo? #inquiringminds

Below I’ve listed some of my biggest take-aways from today’s Townhall. I’m sure I missed some but that’s what’s so great about Clubhouse. Someone’s invariably going to have a room about something I missed so just keep looking.

  • Businesses and companies will likely not get their own CH profile. The CH owners want the app to remain focused on the voices of the individual. But they love the idea of companies being sponsors of Clubs, or Clubs made up of a group of company employees that may be a private room. The best way, at least for now, for companies to have a presence on the app is through Clubs
  • Why is the app only available on iOS? It won’t be for long. They are working really hard on developing their Android team. They want to do this the right way and have the ongoing support that will be needed. But it is coming! Hang on to your Androids!
  • The Topic feature is still in its early development stage. It will become more powerful the more we use it.
  • Club analytics are also coming. For those of you who have a club or plan to, this should be a nice feature.
  • HOLD ON TO YOUR PARTY HATS! In-app DMs are on the way!! Say whaaattttt?? Yep. Heard it from Paul himself. That’s all I know, sorry.
  • The commitment to a no-tolerance policy for trollers still remains. Moderators have a lot of control in their rooms and that will continue.

Those are the highlights, folks. Just had to share. What are you most excited about?? Do tell!

Until next time✌🏽

@ernajsnp (Food for Body & Soul)

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