All Nighter 🔥

The Clubhouse App has been nothing short of a continuous pumping out powerful information, paired with an addictive – game changing energy. After a year like 2020 it’s no wonder this community thrives on long conversation and party rooms filled with millionaire investors, entrepreneurs, music gurus, and more. You can find anything you seek on this app.

Just this morning at 0630EST I hopped onto the platform for my morning dose of inspiration, only to land in a room with hundreds tuning in! They spent all night talking about the power of clubhouse, and more, as they connected through this new form of networking.

Those who are “small fish” in this world become BIG. Those who feel “powerless” in the world, become empowered. It is a platform for all, perpetuating a mutual respect for the speakers and those listening in the audience.

Check out our Instagram for snapshots from this morning browse through the various early morning rooms, with quotes from the very speakers that facilitate them.

I landed in “The Power of Clubhouse” room first, listening to people like Doctaj speak on the influence and energy of Clubhouse, and how it’s important not to miss out on the opportunity of the platform. He shared, “Clubhouse is like a live version of LinkedIn depending on the community.”

Lyann Nguyen said, “there’s something pumping on the app, we can’t sleep.” When referring to the energy in these rooms! Many of the successful community and millionaire groups stay on days at a time, networking and communicating.

Grant Cardone said it well in another room explaining why he spends most of his time popping in and out of Clubhouse, “it has connected me to people I would have never met, I would never have met any of these people and it’s connecting me to a new audience.” He then went on the share with us how much growth his team and brand has seen just from using clubhouse alone, and he hasn’t made a single pitch! He just talks to people, they check him out, and BOOM. Networking.

That is my inspiration for bringing nuggets and gems from the Clubhouse Community to everyone. Without compromising the integrity of the platform, and while upholding respect for every speaker, I am to share and pass on the inspiration I gain from this platform, for everyone. Whether you’re waiting to gain access, or you don’t have an iPhone – you can enjoy this site and the wisdom it holds from the entire lake that is The Clubhouse App, where fish of all sizes come to dine together.

Follow me on Clubhouse @ ashleyrodriguez and enjoy snapshots from our Instagram DAILY.

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