How To Make The Clubhouse App Work For You

Dropping Basics.

Woohoo! Welcome to the first official blog post for this independent blog site for Clubhouse! I felt compelled to share this information with you all because as I waited for my invite into the community, I had a hard time finding valuable information about the app that would prepare me.

So I waited.

2 days later, an acquaintance bumped me to the “front” of the wait-list and I was in. BOOM!

I completed my bio and started browsing this buzzing app.


There are a few rooms for beginners and newbies, but I was anxious to get right to business and listen to the knowledge being shared. I spent the first 3o minutes in a “welcome group” which I was super grateful for. Then I made my way into the deep community that is Clubhouse.

So here’s my quick-tip for getting started, and making the app work for you!

  • Use LARGER rooms to listen, gain knowledge, take notes, and speak IF you can.
  • Use SMALLER rooms to conversate, network, and get comfortable speaking on stage.
  • Give more than you take. Period. If you’re on stage, DON’T bother giving a long introduction. When you speak something valuable, users will click on your profile to read about you, so make sure your bio is ATTRACTIVE and speaks to who you want to be in this community. I personally keep my professional information on top, and my personal information below if someone finds me interesting enough.

BE CAREFUL who you follow. If you follow the negative users that argue, complain, and abuse the community system, you’ll likely get a load of chaos in your “hallway”. The hallways is a scrolling list of active community rooms where users are talking live.

I try to only follow people in my interests, communities, and people I believe I can learn from.

For sure, you’ll want to find a balance with how much time you spend on the app. We still have lives, but it’s easy to get sucked into the conversations. I try to limit my calendar alerts to 2 conversations per day, and listen to larger rooms while I’m cleaning or driving – instead of listening to my regular podcasts.

That’s it!

Be respectful.

Follow me on Clubhouse @ ashleyrodriguez

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